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Delany fires back February 17, 2007

Posted by City Hoops in Big Ten, bonehead, Jim Delany.
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Big Ten commisioner Jim Delany has overreacted to criticism in the past but this one is warranted, especially after reading this Chicago Sun Times writer by raking the Big Ten over the coals – with support from Tom Lemming, who makes money doing this type of thing – becasue the league had a “down” bowl season and subsequent recruiting year:

Delany penned this response, titled “To fans of the Big Ten and college football:

“I wish we had six teams among the top 10 recruiting classes every year, but winning our way requires some discipline and restraint with the recruitment process…Fortunately, we have been able to balance our athletic and academic mission so that we can compete successfully and keep faith with our academic standards.”

Case in point (courtsey of some good research over at mgoblog): Georgia versus Michigan. According to Rivals, Georgia plummets from 2nd to 7th when you factor out number of recruits [29, 25, 21, 19, 28, 23; ave: 24] as compared to, say Michigan [22, 17, 22, 23, 19, 20; ave: 20.5]. What’s up with that? How can Georgia have 22 more scholarships used over the last six years?).

Just my opinion, but if Myles Brand dropped dead right now and Delany took his job over, the NCAA would be much better off.