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OT: Schottenheimer canned February 13, 2007

Posted by City Hoops in bonehead, coaching circus, off-topic.
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GM-coach rift aside, Marty Shottenheimer should have been fired earlier after one of the worst coaching moves of the year that cost the Chargers a home playoff game they should have won against New England.
You proabaly remember the sequence: San Diego was leading New England with inside 4:00 left, the clock rolling, San Diego throws and gets into 2nd-and-4. Shottenheimer then takes the ball out of L.T.’s hands, who was having another L.T.-esque game to that point, and has Philip Rivers throw twice (only god knows why). The second pass was almost picked, neither had a remote chance to be completed, and the Chargers eventually punted and let Tom Brady do his thing.
Why, why, why would you not run the ball 10 times with L.T. in that situation and cement the win? He had about 170 yards and two touchdowns. He has two carries to get four yards, and San Diego waltzes to Indianapolis. Why would you put the game in the hands of Philip Rivers?
Shottenheimer wouldn’t be coaching my team (or Jerry Miller’s) after that debacle. I don’t care about 14-2. You don’t blow you team playoff games by taking the ball away from the most dominant player of our era. L.T. was livid after the game, and I bet most of that was because of Shottenheimer, not at the Pats celebrating. At least two of us agree on this.

Update: Proabaly no suprise Shottenheimer is 5-13 in the playoffs, and a big 0-for-his-last-5.