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What to do August 13, 2007

Posted by City Hoops in Preps, recruiting.

Well, two-a-days are in full swing, three- and four-way scrimmages are coming up towards the end of this week and the high school season is a measly week and three days away.

College football kicks off that Saturday with a pair of GLIAC games while the MAC starts its schedule the following Thursday. Everything is in full swing by Saturday, Sept. 1, a full-scale opening weekend of sorts, at which point it’s just under one week until the NFL kicks off for 2007.

So, what to do when the classic tapes have been watched four and five times over and replaying the lone Lions preseason game game won’t suffice?

Well, we’re working on some preseason high school All-State teams and maybe a season-opening roundtable discussion in audio format; then, quickly, it’s on to college previews of the Big Ten, MAC, GLIAC and MIAA and a Lions preview.

I don’t enjoy previews – they’re a necessary evil in sports. I’d much rather kick it off today and get out to watching games.

What trends have I noticed this offseason? Players are committing earlier and earlier these days (not just in football either – look at hoops), so much than an early signing period makes sense for football. Let players get the burden of the recruiting process finished before their senior seasons, if they so desire, and let colleges move on to recruiting more seniors or starting early on their next class of juniors.



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